serving dynamic data to your static sites

What is Poole?

Poole is a free, hosted data store for your static sites to post data to and then easily recover via a simple API.

Why use Poole?

Many people are starting to see the benefits of building sites with static site generators like Jekyll, Hyde or HarpJS instead of using databases and server-side scripting. Sometimes though, you need to mix in a tiny bit of captured data for things like comments or user feedback.

How to use Poole

Simply add a form to your site which posts to us and includes your API Key as part of the post URL. You can include as many fields as you like. We'll stash it all for you to query later.

<form action="http://pooleapp.com/stash/{API-KEY}/" method="post">
  <input type="hidden" name="redirect_to" value="{YOUR-THANKS-PAGE}" />
  <input type="text" name="{YOUR-DATA-FIELD}" />
  <input type="submit" value="submit" />

Poole gives you a form, like the one above, to use on your site which posts to our servers. You can access that data with a simple query either as part of your build, or in the browser with JavaScript.



You can set Poole to email you notifications when data is submitted to your form.


Poole is extremely simple and can be used in a number of ways. Take a look at some of the more common ways of using Poole on the examples Page and let us know if you find other crafty ways to make use of this service.

Get started by making a new form

You can make up to 10 forms for free. Give it a name and we'll give you API credentials to use when sending us data and when getting it back.